The Lensy Promise

WE BELIEVE SELF EXPRESSION STARTS WITH YOUR FACE. We take extreme pride in the quality of the eyeglasses we supply, the attention to our customers and the simplicity of our order processes. With our reputation for Quality, leaves no doubt that The Frame Store is the safest, best and cheapest option available for buying eyeglasses online. Without question, our eyewear is second to none.

Before your order is dispatched, and to ensure you will be over the moon with your new glasses, we take a few moments to check your glasses are completed to the best possible standard.

1). Frame Alignment

We check that the frame is correctly set up and the arms are not out of alignment. On occasion frames can be slightly misaligned due to the installation of prescription lenses, but this is rectified before being packaged and shipped.

2). Nose Pad Alignment

We check that the nose pads are securely attached and positioned. If the positioning is not right for you they can be gently adjusted to suit.

3). Temple Tip Adjustment

We check that the ends of the arms are correctly positioned. As above, the temple tips can be gently adjusted to suit you.

4). Overall Lens Shape & Symmetry

We check the lenses are the correct shape for the frame and are both symmetrical.

5). Lens Fitting

Lenses should fit snug in the frame, too loose and they will rattle in the frame or worse, fall out. If they're too tight they can distort the frame. As our lab machinery is incredibly accurate 99.99% of lenses are fitted correctly.

6). Treatments & Coatings

We check that any treatments and coatings have been applied correctly.

7). Overall Cosmetic Appearance

We have one final check of your glasses to ensure they're cosmetically pleasing and to make any final adjustments.


And finally...

As we take great pride in our work and want to ensure your glasses have the best possible finish, if your glasses do not pass our strict quality check we will remake your glasses.